Domain Name Announced for Sale by &

MIAMI, March 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Strategic partners (VIP) and (DA), announced today their exclusive co-brokerage agreement pertaining to the marketing of the special digital asset

All 676 of the 2-letter (LL).com combinations were registered in the 90’s. Since then (LL).com domains are considered more valuable because they are less common, short, and memorable.

Many of the largest companies in the world use (LL).com domains. Examples are General Motors (, General Electric (, British Telecom (, Google Ventures (, Goldman Sachs (, Deutsche Bank (, Blackstone Group (, Orange Telecomm (, Coca Cola (, Electronic Arts (, Under Armour (, American Eagle Outfitters (, Intel ( and many more.

Although the sales of both for $8MM and for $8.5MM were made public, the majority of the (LL).com acquisitions are confidential.

While the 26 repeating (LL).com are extremely rare and owned by famous brands like Johnson & Johnson (, and Tencent (, the rarest of all (LL) combinations are the repeating vowels, such as American Airlines’ Since only 5 are in existence, they are easy to remember and this clearly puts in a unique and special class.

Though many (LL).com’s may not have inherent English meaning, anyone with a degree in Electrical Engineering immediately recognizes the term “EE” because this is how they reference themselves and their highly lucrative field. In addition nearly all double letters have unique meanings in Chinese spoken languages. “Without a doubt this is a one-time opportunity to acquire a prestigious and rarest of domain names,” says Marcelo Siero proudly, an EE and entrepreneur who hand registered in 1994. In addition to Electrical Engineers, many companies across various industries and continents are also using EE as their brand and logo.

VIP and DA are international brokerage companies specializing in acquisition and sales of Premium Domain Names and Digital IP Assets, global branding, active marketing of premium domain names; and B2B joint ventures. Actually, VIP and DA successfully brokered,, and and helped numerous companies acquire their domains to match their famous brands.

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